Dental Tourism

Dental tourism is becoming every day a more widespread phenomenon. Moldova has become in recent years a popular and appreciated destination for dental treatment. Dental industry in our country is well developed, with clinics, including Dr. Samson Dental Studio, equipped to European standards. Quality of healthcare is very high, regardless of the type of service provided. Being a clinic specializing in dental tourism, Dr. Samson Dental Studio try to treat the pacients with respect and professionalism to make them feel comfortable and safe throughout their stay in the country. We were impelled to create this project by our foreign patients, they left happy and fully satisfied and we have always supported the recommendations continue. Thanks to them we can now offer our services to other patients outside the borders of the Republic of Moldova. The main reasons for which patients prefer us are the quality and range of services, very good report quality / price.

Dr. Samson Dental Studio comes to greet patients from outside the country providing the most effective solutions to the needs of patients organized in a unique concept based on an integrated dental services:

  • services and treatments of the highest quality in accordance with European standards;
  • all the modern treatments currently available;
  • a team of people made up of specialists in all branches of dentistry;
  • A team of dental technicians;

7 Easy Steps for a PERFECT smile with dental tourism program

You can contact us by phone: +37369321793 or e-mail:

Please send a panoramic radiograph with your expectations related to the treatment plan. You will get the proposal on the treatment plan for dental tourism period, price, and predicting treatment period.

Dr. Samson Dental Studio has accommodation in the historical center of Chisinau.

You will have a translator that specializes in dental terminology and will be able to explain any procedure very simple to understand.

Airport-clinic-airport transfer is provided at no additional cost. You will be met at the airport by a representative of Dr. Samson Dental Studio.

We provide guarantee for our works

At the end of your holiday you will have a perfect smile