Dental Hygiene

Ultrasonic cleaning

Scaling is a prophylactic dental procedure that removes subgingival and supragingival dental plaque formed on the surface of natural or artificial teeth. Supragingival dental plaque is the most common, it is initially colorless, then acquires a brownish tint and gives an unsightly teeth, bad breath and cavities also producing. Subgingival plaque is rougher and darker, and while expands and detach from the tooth gums, producing a favorable environment for bacterial growth.

Dental plaque represent food debris and bacteria that forms on teeth immediately after eating. This substance is colorless and sticky, but if it is not removed by brushing over time turns into tartar or stone – a tough layer colorless or pale gray, yellowish.

Tartar is a threat to the health of the gums and supporting structures of the teeth by being conducive to bacterial growth medium which gives rise to inflammatory processes.

The ultrasonic cleaning removes tartar by ultrasonic high frequency mechanical vibration (20 000 – 45 000 Hz). These devices can be driven by AC voltage oscillation or by electromagnetic tension. These devices does not injure your gums and teeth, and the water pressure released through massages, cleans and removes debris and pigmentation spots.

Following ultrasonic cleaning remains small deposits on the tooth surface, which if not removed will be the basis for new tartar buildup and has to be removed by professional cleaning. Scaling and prophylactic dental cleaning are methods recommended every 6 months and every 3 months for smokers.

Dr. Samson Dental Studio uses ultrasonic scaler Sirosonic L, which guarantee the quality to our patients.


Cleaning with Air-Flow is the most effective and non traumatic method for cleaning the oral cavity and for prevention and prophylaxis of gingivitis and periodontitis.

On the tooth surface is acting with pressure a mixture of water and abrasives as a jet-guided on dental surfaces covered with plaque, food pigments deposited from the consumption of colored beverages (tea, coffee, cola) or tartar recently filed. Thus microorganisms and deposits of plaque are easily removed from the surface of teeth, and the teeth becomes their natural color.

Prophylaxis with Air-Flow system is very simple. The procedure consists of: from cannula of a special device under a big pressure water jet and air enriched with sodium bicarbonate flavored is applied. Bicarbonate abrasive properties are not so big, so enamel surface does not undergo any change, but it is enough to remove plaque, pigmentation food and dental plaque. Water spray and dust also performed a massage and a very fine micropiling gum, which contributes to enhancing local circulation and a rich stream of inflammatory cells that will contribute to the regeneration and healing of your gums.

Dr. Samson Dental Studio for Air-Flow cleaning use KaVo PROPHYflex 3, which guarantee the quality of our patients