Cosmetic dentistry

Dental Aesthetics was born from the desire of people to have a beautiful smile and gives the possibility of refreshing its beauty on a long term basis due to modern techniques that correct aesthetic details.

How has Dr.Samson Dental Studio changed the life of the patients who chose an aesthetic dental treatment?

The Dr. Samson Dental Studio experience was pleasant and it was a success! It helped me get my smile and confidence back. Everyone says I made a good choice and that it looks great, ” confesses Tkach V., Dr.Samson Dental Studio patient, overwhelmed by emotions.

What types of dental imperfections can be corrected:

– Small inter dental spaces

– Dental trauma

– Asymmetric teeth

– smaller or larger relative to one another

– Misaligned teeth arch

– Facial Disharmony

– Unaesthetic color enamel

How can you regain confidence and beauty smile?

The first step is to schedule a visit to the doctor specialist in cosmetic dentistry. In addition, only a visit to the dentist can improve the appearance of the face, choosing one of cosmetic dental procedures.


Favorites of all Hollywood stars that completely transforms smile, dental veneers are the most popular and appreciated cosmetic dental treatment in the world.

These are the most esthetic restorations, but also the most delicate, made of materials that look just like natural tooth enamel. With their help, dentists specialists in cosmetic dentistry corrects many of the flaws of aesthetic smile, such as the shape or hue of the teeth.

8 reasons to choose dental treatment with veneers:

– Immediate results – in just 2 visits

– Non-invasive procedure that requires no grinding and preserves the vitality of teeth

– Easy to maintain

– Resistance to stains

– Elusive

– Shade desired of white

– Fully physionomic – render smile aesthetics and functionality

– no allergic reactions to material

An extra benefit of dental veneers is that they can correct several problems simultaneously smile aesthetic treatment lasting a much shorter and a high degree of comfort for the patient.

Dental Studio Dr.Samson guarantees achieving exceptional Zirconium ceramic veneers made professionally and with maximum safety.

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Professional tooth whitening is the most simple and comfortable way to regain your smile glow. Whitening is one of the dental aesthetic procedures, used by Dr.Samson Dental Studio giving back patients their wellbeing and self-confidence.

Why perform dental whitening in a clinic?

There are many reasons for a patient to choose professional teeth whitening procedure. We are different and unique and just as skin and hair color varies in time, our teeth will also change color. Very few people indeed have a completely white smile naturally, especially that with age, teeth are subject to the action of external factors that lead to their yellowing or staining such as:

  • foods and drinks that change color teeth (coffee, tea, red wine, blueberries etc.)
  • bad habits such as smoking
  • plaque / tartar can also affect tooth color natural equally
  • prolonged treatment with antibiotics
  • small dental trauma – cracks in the enamel which favor the formation of stains on the tooth surface

OPALESCENCE XTRA BOOST professional whitening

It based on an autonomous gel mechanism having 38% hydrogen peroxide. Peroxide content is higher and the gel does not require photo activation.


  • reduced treatment time
  • immediate visible effects
  • this method offers protection of labial gums and mucous membranes (lips) and Juga (cheeks)
  • treatment is carried out under medical control or prevention assistant

Opalescence whitening with trays (at home)

The procedure is carried out at home by the patient. The gel concentration of 15% H202 applies custom splint to be worn for 5-7 nights.


  • whitening is achieved gradually, so the effect is lasting 1-2 years
  • trays are intimately adjusted to the patient’s tooth surfaces, as it is done in the laboratory. This requires a precise dental print taken by the doctor / prophylaxis nurse
  • due to the soft plastic material they are made and to their specificity for each individual clinical case, the patient will not feel discomfort during treatment


  • to get the optimum effect, it is necessary to apply the trays on the teeth overnight.
  • if the patient’s sleep is disturbed by the presence of the trays in their mouth, they will be worn for 4 hours / day for 21 days.
  • this procedure increases the risk of gum sensitivity during the whitening (effect will disappear with the completion of treatment) as the gel may eventually come into contact with the gums.