Dental Radiology

Dental Radiology

To achieve the proper diagnosis and a correct treatment plan, Dr. Samson Dental Studio has Sirona Heliodent Plus Dental X-ray device, WiFi sensor XIOS Supreme XG.

Digital radiological devices are the latest generation whose main benefits are:

  • reduction to 80% -85% radiation doses compared to classic radiography system;
  • shorter exposure time;
  • obtaining information in real time;
  • acquired image processing and archiving;

Possibility of image processing on the computer is one of the advantages that digital imaging has on conventional film. Manufacturers include software programs in a wide range of processing methods, including: change the contrast, grayscale inversion, artificial coloring, to undertake etc. Most digital sensors currently on the market have an image resolution superior to conventional film. This means that the digital x-rays, the doctor can identify information that would not be visible on a conventional film.

Dental radiography can view 2-3 retro elements and provides details undetectable dental clinical examination, such as periodontal disease, dental caries in early stages of decay relapses, the presence of marginal secondary caries, cysts, granulomas, fractures.