What does proper sterilization?

Dr. Samson Dental Studio uses substances for decontamination accepted by The European Union (according to international standards and requirements imposed by law).

Dr. Samson Dental Studio sterilization is done in 7 steps:

  1. After use, the instruments are rinsed under running warm water.
  1. After that the instruments stay in solution of PROSEPT Instru (antiseptic without aldehydes) for 60 minutes. Rotary dental instruments and precision surgical instruments stay in solution of PROSEPT Burs for 60 seconds.
  1. Once you have passed the 60 minutes and 60 seconds, the instruments are removed from the solution of PROSEPT , rinse again under running hot water.
  1. Then, all the instruments are processed in an ultrasound bath for 30 minutes using Sonic PROSEPT solution.
  1. Follow a new rinse in warm water and drying, then instruments are packed in autoclavable bags. Each autoclave bag has an indicator confirming the sterility of the instrument.
  1. The autoclavable bags are put in MELAG autoclave class B, where they sit 60 minutes at a temperature of 134 degrees.
  2. After completion of the autoclave pouches are dated and placed in special lockers. Such sterilized bags have a shelf life of 21 days from the time of sterilization. All instruments that exceed this period without being used are repackaged and sterilized.