What is endodontics?

The term “endodontics” comes from Greek and means “inside the tooth”. In the past 50 years, endodontics was identified as a specialty of dentistry, endodontic treatment is the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases caused by tooth pulp ( “nerve”), in fact the soft tissue inside the tooth.

The aim of endodontic treatment?

Saving natural tooth should always be the first choice for dental treatment. When the doctor recommends a tooth extraction, ask if it can be saved using endodontic procedures, known to “root canal treatment”. Tooth pulp can be affected and infected from various causes; which is why it must be eradicated. Nerve removal does not mean “death” tooth as generally perceived. The nerve has a role in the growth and maturation and maintaining functionality in the mouth. After root canal tooth remains “alive”, continuing to operate and fulfill the roles biological and mechanical.The aim of root canal therapy is to keep the tooth in the mouth – because, as you know, the best implant is the tooth. The ultimate goal is to save the extraction of a tooth whose pulp is inflamed or necrotic.In short, during endodontic treatment, the whole system of root canals located inside the tooth root is cleaned of bacteria and organic debris and sealed with biocompatible materials to prevent reinfection.