Dental Prosthetics

Dental Prosthetics

Prosthetic dentistry is a specialization whose mission is to ensure achieving a balanced teeth, functionally and aesthetically. Getting the perfect result in dental restoration is the result of a team effort of clinicians who have training and professional experience in various specializations: prosthetists, periodontics, endodontics, surgeons, orthodontists

Prosthetic dentistry is the branch of dentistry that deals with the restoration of morpho-functional and aesthetic dental arches using fixed prosthesis – crowns, bridges, dentures mobile – acrylic partial denture or elastic skeletal prostheses, prosthetic dentures on implants. Dental prosthetics can be achieved on both natural teeth and implants. Dentures are generally rigid, made outside the oral cavity using dental laboratory.

When decay destroy much of the dental hard tissue, it can not be restored by filling crown. When the tooth remaining walls are too thin to withstand pressures or when the tooth is non vital is necessary to protect the walls by covering them with a dental crown.

There are situations where tooth no longer can be saved, requiring its extraction. Space remaining after the extraction can be completed either with implant either with a fixed dental prosthetics. When the patient loses a greater number of teeth or all the teeth on one arch is required removable dental prosthesis.

Each patient has a different clinical situation, the remaining teeth and mucous-bony support varies, so your treatment plan and choosing the type of prosthetic device will be made only after a thorough examination and radiography.

  • Dr. Samson Dental Studio offers modern prosthetic solutions, works to European standards with the highest quality materials.
    • ceramic crowns (porcelain dentures with metal support)
    • prosthesis (crowns, bridges) Ceramic (porcelain) on the zirconia support,
    • prosthesis (crowns, bridges) Ceramic (porcelain) in hard metal (cobalt chromium alloy)
    • Ceramic veneers
    • composite,ceramic inlays
    • dentures fixed and mobile on dental implants
    • Mobile dentures (acrylic, elastic skeleton).